Proof that the VP is not the brightest star in the sky.

Recently, the Vice President, used the word "terrorist" to describe the tea party movement. The VP has made some unwise choices in the past that were easily laughed off but this time, it's landed him in the hot seat. How can a man with such political power compare American citizens violent enemies of America when they are only exercising their democratic right to dissent? You would think someone with such status would know a thing or two about People's rights. Chances are, he said something like that when he thought no one else was listening in but, and he should know this, he's the VP. There is always someone listening in and waiting for someone like him to muck up. Even the KKK and the Black Panthers, who have always been allegedly associated with violent acts and hate, have a right to dissent and exchange their view on things so a group that just doesn't like the way things are going in this country has a right to as well. I am taking this quote from another site but this is brilliant. He said, using the words directed at Senator Joseph McCarthy, "Have you know decency sir?" With a statement like that, we already know the answer.