If you hate pushing and shoving your way through Walmart, but love those low prices, get ready to celebrate - Walmart stores in Shreveport and Bossier City are now offering delivery!  I have previously used the Instacart service in Bossier City, and it's awesome service.  While the groceries were brought in a timely manner, everything was still cold, and the delivery person has always been very courteous - the stores available on the service just can't match the Walmart's prices and variety.

On the other hand, the delivery fee for Instacart is $3.99 - while Walmart's is closer to $10.  On a big enough order, you could conceivably make up the difference in savings - but you could buy another gallon of milk and a box of breakfast Hot-Pockets with that kind of money.  Luckily you can have you delivery and your Hot Pockets, too!  Walmart is offering your first three deliveries free - just use the code FRUITCAR.

With the already popular pickup option, and so many delivery options - could this be an end to grocery shopping in the store?

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