If you are a smart parent, you're planning on Christmas shopping early (if you're not already done).  Not only is buying presents early less stressful, you don't to worry about all of the good toys being out of stock.  Anyone who has wrapped a slightly damaged or knock-off version of the gift your child just had to have knows this to be true.

Walmart has the perfect, ride-on toy for any military-minded child.  The 24-Volt Thunder Tank with Working Cannon Ride-On Vehicle features a powerful electric motor that will carry 2 kids (or a small adult), the official weight capacity is 150 pounds.

Along with the lights and sounds, this cute little pre-k assault vehicle also features a totally functional swiveling turret and main gun!  The business end of this ride is a cab loaded, rifle-barreled, gigantic-dart firing beauty!  The 24-Volt Thunder Tank comes with 5 over sized, Nerf-style darts that actually fire pretty far.

This baby tank has 2 forward and 1 reverse speed, with a top speed of 5 mph.  It currently lists for $398.00, and you can find it both in stores (I saw them in the Airline Drive Supercenter this week) and online.

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