Last year, Geek'd Con forever changed Shreveport. What started as a small idea, bloomed into a movement. The reason the movement took off, was people like you.

It was kind of a crazy idea: Shreveport doesn't have a comic con, what if someone just started one?

Turns out it was a VERY good idea. Reports from that August weekend say there were over 12,000 turnstiles over the 3-day span. Fans got to get up-close-and-personal with their heroes, got to hang out with their friends in full cosplay, and found themselves surrounded by toys, comics, art, and everything that makes a comic con so exciting.

One of MY favorite memories from last year was the voice actor performance of Star Wars...

I know one of Puff's favorite memories was when he got to share the stage with the star of Mallrats, Jeremy London:

Geek'd Con will also be expanding! Adding Geek'd Con: Tyler to the mix!

We also know there's a lot brewing in Shreveport. There will be WAY more guests announced before we get to August.

But if you can't wait, tickets for Shreveport are currently on-sale. Best part? Ticket prices haven't changed. Even after the major success of last year, Geek'd Con tickets remain the same, $15 per day, or $20 for the whole weekend!


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