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If you've spent any time on our website this week, you probably chuckled aloud as you read that tomorrow, June 12, it's the return of the World Naked Bike Ride, in New Orleans.

Oh yeah, fully grown people, old enough to know better, peddling around Mickey Markey Park, totally naked, on a bicycle. In front of God and everybody!

More power to those proud enough of their body to not fear being ogled by curious onlookers, but I'm out! You think it sounded funny when you were a kid and you put baseball cards in your bicycle spokes. I just wonder how funny it would sound with traditionally protected body parts hanging in those same spokes? It's all fun and games until somebody's "body part" gets hung up in the bike chain.

Don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate the human body and can appreciate God's work in its creation, but I do believe there are a few things NEVER designed to be done in the buff.

Just look at what I consider the Top 5 Things Never to Be Done Naked

Top 5 Things Never to Be Done Naked

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