It's all about priorities.

What kind of things do you usually turn to Google for? Maybe you and your friends can't remember who played the lead in Elf. Perhaps you need a clever recipe to execute for your upcoming holiday gathering. Or you simply want to know if that little bump on your nose is a pimple or a death wish.

We use Google for everything.

Recently Satellite Internet found the most Googled thing in each state for Christmas. They pulled some numbers straight from the source to give us this list. The information they combed through was specifically Christmas related.

Louisiana is Googling "Fast Food Open on Christmas."

Hey, who says you need to have a fancy dinner on Christmas day? Or maybe you need a backup plan just in case that fancy Christmas dinner goes south. And I'd be lying if I said I haven't stopped at the drive-thru after a holiday party that didn't have enough food.

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