Monday in Montgomery County, Texas, Tina Marie Arie and Howard Windham were arrested on drug charges at a Whataburger after a male acquaintance passed out from Hydrocodone that Arie admitted giving him.

The two were put into the back of a police car, but the driver soon noticed that he couldn't see Arie. He says he pulled over, looked in the back seat and found that Windham's pants were unbuttoned and open and Arie was giving him oral sex.

The really unbelievable part is that both still had their hands cuffed behind their backs. Arie stopped when ordered to. But police still can't say how she managed to undo his pants with no hands.

If that doesn't get her a spot on "America's Got Talent" or one of those dumb reality tv shows, I don't know what will! At the very least, I think she can swing by the 99X studio for a load...of prizes. Yeah, prizes. We'll go with that.

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