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Today's the day! I'm a grandfather today! I'm now a "Grumpy." My son Craig and his wife, Blair, have a brand new baby McCoy girl. She is Sutton Monroe McCoy, and I couldn't be happier!

Sutton McCoy 2-2-21
Craig and Sutton 2-2-21

Of course, being a fisherman, I've gotta brag that she's definitely a wall hanger! 8 pounds and 1 ounce and she was 20 1/4 inches long! She'll forever be my little "Groundhog."

First grandchild for me and as the father of three boys, having this little girl couldn't make me any happier than if I had won Mega Millions a couple weeks ago! I just hate that she was born in the middle of this pandemic. It's going to be a few days before I get to hold her and squeeze those fat cheeks, but I'm definitely the man for the job!

Here at the radio stations, one of my confidants and close friends is Dusty Hayes and he gave me something worth quoting. He said, "Your grandchildren teach you just how short life is."

Wow! Think about that one! It was just yesterday when that baby's mother or father was that age, and now, here you are with your baby's baby.

Your kids taught you patience and a love like you've never felt before, but what lessons have you learned from your grandchildren?

Bristol and I asked that question on Kiss Country 93.7 this morning and some of the responses we got are priceless.

Jack told us that his granddaughter taught him that a regular disposable diaper, not one of the swim ones, will hold exactly 418 gallons of water if she jumps in the pool.

Melanie says her grandson taught her that it's okay to eat desert first; especially if it's ice cream.

Connie called to say that when you get grandkids, you'll never use the word "No" again. And then laugh at your kids when they say, "You never let us do that when we were kids."

Brent Thomas called to tell us that his Dad always said that the only bad part about being a grandpa was knowing that you were sleeping with a grandma.

Another listener called and told us that "your grandkids are your reward for not killing your kids when you thought you wanted to. And you know it crossed your mind when they were teenagers."

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