I was proud of Lady Gaga last night.  In one of my Facebook posts last week, I had stated that she would do something stupid in her halftime performance at the Super Bowl. However, she showed uncommon restraint and respect for a game that's bigger than her opinion.  Basically, she let her music do the talking when she performed "Born this Way" which is filled with lyrics about tolerance and inclusion.  Her hugging of the Latina by the stage was pretty obvious, too, but she didn't stand up there and preach like the actors at the Academy Awards.

Because most of us just don't want to hear it.  Most of us just want to gather with friends and family to watch a football game played by two great teams.  But it seems like every time we turn around some actor, singer, or other celebrity is spouting their unsolicited political views and how those who don't share those views are evil.

I'm trying not to espouse any political persuasion here except maybe the politics of discretion.  My mother always told me to never discuss religion or politics in polite company. In other words, there's a time and a place.  And the Super Bowl definitely ain't the place. So, for that, Lady Gaga I salute you.

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