This weekend will be the first time my in-laws are making their way to the SBC to stay with me. I was talking to my boyfriend and he said "They've been to Shreveport several times, they want to do what locals do this time around." Hold on, I have only called the SBC "home" for less than a year. I am still on a quest to find the most fun things to do in the area. My idea of a fun Friday night is hanging out a brewery until it's time to hit up the food truck. What do you do with a Friday night to burn? Are your Saturday's spent shopping cute little shops around the area? Where are these cool spots to hang out during the weekend?

I would appreciate any and all suggestions. I know there are so many cool things in the area to check out but I genuinely am at a loss at where to take them and what to do. Help a sister out would you?

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