The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has announced that there will be a new construction project worth $17.2 million starting on Monday, April 30th. The construction will take place starting at the Texas state line on I-20 and expand 13 miles back all the way to Monkhouse drive in Shreveport. This will take up both sides of the interstate including the shoulders. This will, of course, create lane closures. The schedule of the construction will run between 6 pm to 6 am, so expect the roads to be a little busier than usual. If you need to drive through this construction to and from your way to work or to get anywhere, you may want to leave earlier or be prepared for slower traffic.

How long will the construction take?  Well, from what I gathered from their press release this could take up to a year to finish in Spring of 2019. They will start phase one on Monday and it is expected to take 60 days.


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