If you're planning a trip to the Rocklahoma festival outside Tulsa over the Memorial Day Weekend, you're expecting three days of non-stop rock from the biggest bands in the world.  There'll be food, beer, dirt, merchandise vendors; and because people are crazy, there'll be medical staff on hand.

What you probably don't expect is to see a doctor performing on stage.  But when Offspring takes the stage as the final act of the 3-day spectacle, that's exactly what you'll see.

Offspring's lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Dexter Holland just graduated from the University of Southern California with a Ph.D. in molecular biology after finishing his thesis on the molecular dynamics of HIV and general virus/host interactions.  To be more precise, Holland's dissertation is entitled Discovery of Mature MicroRNA Sequences within the Protein-Coding Regions of Global HIV-1 Genomes: Predictions of Novel Mechanisms for Viral Infection and Pathogenicity.  

Kind of puts a new spin on some of the lyrics in the band's songs doesn't it?  Like in Self-Esteem when his girlfriend's saying he's like a disease.  Guess he decided to heal himself.  Or Come Out And Play--would that mean play Doctor?

So when you're rocking out to Offspring at Rocklahoma on Sunday, May 28th, you can just let it all go.  Cuz if anything gets out of hand, there's a doctor in the house.

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