Yesterday, I tried something that makes me wonder why I ever opted to stand in a 30-minute line just to get my Popeyes Chicken sandwich fix. Yesterday I went to Raising Cane's and tried their chicken sandwich. Instead of having the regular bread with it I asked for it with their famous Texas Toast. Let me just say GAME CHANGER!

Why was the Raising Canes sandwich not a contender? Why did we just skip over them and pin Chick-fil-A and Popeyes against each other? Are there several other chicken sandwiches that we may have overlooked? Beauxjax Crafthouse thinks so.

Beauxjax took to their Facebook to say:

"Bourbon Street Chicken Poboy at BeauxJax Crafthouse!
#realmeneatpoboys #nottodaychickfila #beerwithsandwhiches #nodrivethrustayawhile #cajunsdontaskifyouwantitspicyitcomesthatway

Nice try . . . Chick-fil-A & Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen"

Do you know of a delicious local chicken sandwich that would take the cake when it comes to Chicken Wars? Make sure you tell us all about the delicious chicken sandwich in the comments below.