A dude from Illinois is facing a misdemeanor count of possession of a dangerous animal.

Acting on a tip, police went to his home and found that he was keeping a four-foot alligator that he'd had for five years. Healthy gators can grow up to 14 feet long, but he'd kept this one small by rationing its food and feeding it only 10 live mice a month.

The gator was taken by animal welfare officers. The guy said he kept the gator in his home because "chicks dig it."

Now, that my friends is a commitment to getting laid that I just can't make. Who in their right mind keeps a dangerous animal in their house for the sole purpose of getting some action?

Although, it's clear that this guy is not a rocket scientist. I mean only a moron would keep a dangerous, man-eating reptile in their home and on top of that, he kept it starving. I'm kinda disappointed the gator didn't pull one these....