I knew that alligators were tough, but this is ridiculous.  As if surviving pretty much as is since the time of the dinosaurs wasn't enough proof of the gator's tenacious ability to make it through pretty much anything - a fine example of Alligator mississippiensis appeared in a Texas lake with a freaking knife sticking out of its head!

The incident occurred in Waco Texas, at Brazos Lake and residents that live there are pretty upset about it.  Even though these armored logs with teeth are extremely tough, no animal deserves to live that way.  It's pretty clear that someone got close enough to lodge that steak knife in pretty good, but no report was made until some folks who live near the water noticed this reptilian unicorn needed help.  Game Wardens and officials with the Parks and Wildlife Department will be on hand to assess the situation on Monday.

If you are worried that Monday is too long to wait, Brazos Bend State Park Superintendent Chris Bishop says that the danger is low.  Gators are not only physically tough, they are extremely resistant to bacterial infections.  Furthermore, according to ABC13 - Bishop says that this majestic beast is most likely not in pain at all.

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