Back in November, residents of the SBC finally got to step inside the long promised Whole Foods Market on East 70th.  Now, Whole Foods is announcing that it will close 9 stores!  We just got ours!

Thinkstock - I was so close to a neutral carbon footprint, or something about gluten

Rest assured, we are safe.  No need to form a human chain around Whole Foods just yet.  Although, this is America and I can't stop you.

According to KATC, 9 stores will close across the country - but the Bayou State was spared.  I am impressed that Whole Food's management has announced that they will be working with affected employees and other stores to find them a new job.  Even when that job is with Whole Foods competitors.

The affected stores?  Check out the full list below:

Midwest Region

Evanston South (IL)

Northern California Region

Davis (CA)

Rocky Mountain Region

St. Francis (Santa Fe, NM)

Baseline (Boulder, CO)

New Center Point (Colorado Springs, CO)

Draper (Salt Lake City, UT)

South Region

Augusta (GA)

Southern Pacific Region

Prescott (AZ)

Encinitas (CA)



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