Last night was a riveting night for several people in Shreveport-Bossier. Drew Brees surprised so many people when he busted through the doors at Surge Entertainment.

The Question Everyone is Asking, Why Did Drew Brees Come to Bossier on a Monday Night?

Drew Brees is about to open another epic Surge Entertainment location, in fact, this location is his biggest one yet. That's right Surge Entertainment in Bossier is 60,000 square feet of pure epicness. It's filled with arcade games, bowling, sports simulators, laser tag, and even indoor zip-lining.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Drew Was Waling Around the Entire Building Checking Out Every Aspect of the Building.

It was cool to see how involved he was in the process and how excited he seemed to see a place he and his family would enjoy if they lived in town. Drew Brees claims that this is why he and his partners created Surge Entertainment, it's a place that his kids would love.

Drew Brees is Great With Fans of Every Age.

Brees isn't just a saint on the football field. He is clearly a saint off the field as well. He was so kind to everyone even though I can imagine it was exhausting to have a huge crowd of people following you around.

We are so eager to enjoy Surge Entertainment by Drew Brees and we hope he comes back to visit his biggest location to date.

Check out what the inside of Surge Entertainment looks like below.

Take a Look Inside Bossier's Completed Surge Entertainment by Drew Brees!

The highly anticipated Surge Entertainment by Drew Brees is finally finished! While it isn't set to open until this weekend (fingers crossed), we were able to sneak in to give you a peek of what to expect - and it's a lot to take in. Video games, bowling, virtual reality experiences, great food, and more all await you - check it out!

Take a Look Inside Bossier's New Surge Entertainment Complex

The old Virginia College location inside the Pierre Bossier Mall is being transformed into a fun-seekers paradise! The brand-new Surge Entertainment Adventure Park by Drew Brees is set to open later this spring, and construction is chugging along on all of the amenities and I've got the exclusive pictures to prove it.

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