Am I the only one who hasn't been able to enjoy the wonders of crawfish season yet? Obviously, crawfish is meant to be enjoyed with your closest friends and family and we all know that crawfish is just an instant mood booster in the Bayou State. Could the cold that is creeping in stunt the growth of crawfish and completely kills our chances of a crawfish season with our favorite people?

Krystal Montez

My heart breaks for crawfishermen, last year they suffered at the hands of the pandemic, and this year they may be suffering at the hands of Mother Nature. If the weather isn't right crawfish can't be cultivated because simply put, they'll freeze as in they won't grow and they'll quit breeding. Crawfishermen need the mudbugs to grow big before they're cultivated.

The ideal water temperature for crawfish to grow big and hefty is about 60 degrees, this weekend's weather model will dip into the teens. Yes, we are all freaking  Could this just be a mild delay in crawfish season and we go back to normal mid-March?

Cold weather and crawfish don't mix well. According to “Cold weather cuts down on the catch, and extended cold weather negatively affects the growth rates of crawfish. Once water temperatures go much below 60 degrees, crawfish become less active. Crawfish will not feed well or move around and are less likely to become attracted to the bait in traps."

This is the worst news possible for mudbug lovers. I did check local restaurants and restaurants like Cajun Asian in Shreveport plan to go full throttle with the crawfish they do have. They are even selling live crawfish. Who is down for a crawfish boil with weather dipping into the teens?

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