A cold blast has moved into Louisiana and the rest of the Ark-La-Tex bringing some of the coldest temperatures the Pelican State has felt in years.

Louisiana climatologist Barry Keim said this cold weather will be with us for a few days.

"Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we are expecting a hard freeze across most of Louisiana," Keim told the Louisiana Radio Network.  "Tuesday will be the coldest of the three days, but all those days will be brutally cold.  By the time we get to Thursday, we'll get some serious relief.  In fact, most of the state will be above freezing."

Unfortunately, it's not just the cold air temperature that's the problem, it's the wind chill.

This morning, temperatures at Shreveport Regional Airport were as low as 18 degrees.  However, wind chills were as low as 3 degrees at various points throughout the morning.

Accuweather.com says today's high in Shreveport is only going to reach 32 degrees.  The average low temperature in Shreveport is 36 degrees.  Tonight, temperatures are going to fall to 13 degrees.

The wind is the bigger issue with the wind chill expected to be about 20 degrees today, but will improve tonight as winds die down.

No worries about breaking any records.  The coldest temperature on this date is 6 degrees, set back in 1879.

This is some of the coldest temperatures we've seen since 2010 and prior to 2010, we haven't seen temperatures like this for almost a decade, so we are in very rare territory here."

What is Wind Chill?

Wind chill and heat index are the perceived temperature as felt by the body based on factors in addition to the actual temperature.

Wind chill is determined by taking the temperature and the current wind speed, putting them both into a formula, and come up with the "wind chill", or how it feels outside as opposed to a black-and-white temperature reading.

The measure is meant to get a more accurate reading on how it feels outside, since wind on a cold day makes it feel even colder than a cold day with calm wind.

Heat index is the opposite of wind chill.   A wind chill reading should always be lower than the actual temperature reading.  Heat index does the same thing as the wind chill, but it factors the temperature and the relative humidity to get a more accurate reading on how hot it feels outside.

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