Independence Bowl Director Trey Giglio talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright about the 2018 matchup between Duke and Temple, the challenges involved with making the annual game a success.

In explaining this year's choices, Giglio says, "Payoff has a lot to do with it, plus some other factors. So, you see we had Duke on the table, then below our game was Georgia tech, Wake Forest, Boston College. Duke was, of course, our top selection.We're so excited to have them back. The American (Athletic Conference) made Temple available to us. In that conference they have a philosophy that 'our top teams go to our top bowl games.' They consider us a top bowl game."

Giglio also explains that the I-Bowl failed to field a team from the Southeast Conference. "We know the SEC (didn't have) the number of bowl eligible teams, putting so many up into the New Year's Six system."

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