Rachael Jarrett says she lost her job at Bradley Brick this week because of her support of President-Elect Donald Trump.

When asked to recall the situation, Jarrett said "I was told to shut...shut up...shut the F up...and I asked why, and he was just like 'you can't talk about that in here, you can't talk about Trump in here."

Her husband Chris Jarrett joined her in the 99X studios to discuss her side of the story. Which not only includes their feelings on the matter as it unfolded, but their current feelings about those involved. When asked for her 'best case scenario', Jarrett said

"I would hope, honestly, I don't wish anything bad on their business. I do not condone anything, you know I've heard all kinds of stuff that you know, people are calling and stuff. I don't condone any of that, and I don't agree with any of that. You know, that's not what I wanted"

Earlier this week, Bradley Brick supervisor Joey Gilchirst spoke with Gary Watson of 710 KEEL about the situation. Here's the audio from that conversation:

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