It's the argument that's been going on for decades and will continue for time immemorial.  Are things better or worse than they were in the past?  Especially when it comes to crime.  Many say that people have always been crazy and sick, but we just hear about them more now that we have a 24-hour news cycle.

Maybe it's just me, but the last few weeks have been some of the worst I've every seen.  There's a shooting seemingly every night in Shreveport.  Then you had that wacko in Pennsylvania kill a guy on Facebook Live.  (He later committed suicide.) On Monday we had the story about a woman in Oklahoma who was sentenced to 3 life sentences for child abuse.  She would dress up like a witch and beat and burn her granddaughter.  She would even drag her around with pliers.

Now from Kenner, Louisiana, comes the story of a woman who was arrested and charged with second-degree cruelty to a juvenile.  Back in 2015 a 7-year-old boy's father took him to the hospital.  Doctors discovered the boy had a fractured skull, an inflamed pancreas, and all sorts of other injuries.  He told physicians that his father's girlfriend wanted to kill him.  The police did an extensive investigation and found that the woman hit the boy with a frying pan which fractured his skull.  She's also accused of pushing tacks into his skin.

So, yeah, the internet age means we have more access to stories like this than ever before, but it sure makes you wonder.  Maybe people are just more bat-guano-crazy than ever.


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