File this under "This is why we can't have nice things."

A Florida woman was arrested at Walmart after ringing up over $1.800 of electronic merchandise for a mere $3.70 in the self-checkout aisle earlier this week.

Police charged 25-year-old Cheyenne Amber West with felony grand theft and felony shoplifting after a Walmart loss prevention officer saw the Florida woman and an accomplice take multiple items including a computer and video game controllers from their electronics department.

West allegedly covered the barcodes on the items with stickers taken from other items from the clearance department and brought the items to the self-checkout area where she paid a VERY discounted price for the items—$1.821 less to be exact.

The woman paid a total of $3.70 for nearly $2000 worth of merchandise, and if you're appalled by that amount, you may need to sit down before reading her reasoning for the scam according to the affidavit.

I am just trying to get gifts for my son that I cannot afford. The computer is for my husband. Since he just got me a Coach purse, I figured he deserved something nice, as well

As of Tuesday, West was currently being held in jail with bail set at $3,000.

She won't have much luck changing that price.

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