I remember when I was a mere juvenile delinquent...watching a friend shoplift a Playboy from the shelf of a local drug store.  It seemed like a lot of trouble.  Casing the joint to make sure no one was watching.  Turning his back to the store's video surveillance camera (like his series of ridiculous contortions to get the magazine shoved down his pants weren't a dead giveaway!).   Obviously, the camera was for show, as he staggered out of the store bowlegged with not a single drug store cop at his heels.  But, like I said....a lot of work for a $5.00 magazine. 

I mean, if you're going to put your good name and police record on the line for some petty shoplifting - make it good!  Like this woman does.  Watch her disappearing act with AN ENTIRE CASE OF GUINNESS!! If she could get a ham and a loaf of bread up there, too...I'd consider marriage.  Or at least a nice picnic date.


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