WWE's Smackdown will be coming to the The CenturyLink in Bossier City on Saturday January 7th for a WWE Live show. With tickets starting at just $15, this makes for a GREAT Christmas gift!

The original announced wrestlers included WWE Champion AJ Styles, former champ Deam Ambrose, and reality TV star Nikki Bella. Other stars included Bray Wyatt and Kane. Then rumors started to surface that The Undertaker could show up in Bossier. 

But one of the names that people were asking about was superstar John Cena. As a fan-favorite, of course people want to see Cena (but you can't see him, I know you dirty mark) which made for a terrible situation last January, when and injury prevented Cena from appearing in Bossier City.

However it looks like that one is about to be made up. WWE has announced on their website that John Cena is now scheduled for Saturday January 7th in Bossier!

For all of you internet smarks, the other bit of big news is that current WWE darling, James Ellsworth, is now also scheduled to appear!

Other new additions to the show included Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Rhyno, Alexa Bliss, and Naomi (from Total Divas). Oddly Nikki Bella's name has been removed from the listing though.