...just wait til they're driving a flying car.  Being a ride-sharing provider apparently isn't enough for Uber, or the lawsuits in which they're embroiled because of their business practices have them thinking they need to diversify.  Whatever their reasons, Uber just unveiled their plan to build a viable flying car network.  Their target date for a full-blown presentation: 2020.

Did you catch that?  2020!!  Our government is still wrestling with regulations on flying drones and Uber thinks they can get a car with passengers into the air in three years? What are they smoking?

Uber's plan is to have a fleet of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) air cars that could be summoned with the touch of a button.  With current regulations, these cars would have to be piloted by a licensed pilot.  The city of Dallas-Ft. Worth has signed a partnership agreement with Uber to help develop this system, and there are airplane and helicopter manufacturers involved, as well.

There are about a dozen tech companies working to build VTOL air cars for individual consumers, and these will be priced somewhere between $300,000 and more that $1 million.  So, even if regulations are established to allow personal car-flying, we won't see many of these machines in the SBC for a long time.  And that's a good thing. People around here can't even drive a car.  Imagine what it would be like if they were flying them!

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