One of the best things about Uber is the fact that you can bet on them to take you home when you are inebriated.  Got a little "looser" than you planned on at the club, just whoop out your smart phone and call your self an Uber - right?  Actually, it's not that simple.  Because of the number of attacks and sexual assault drivers have suffered from intoxicated passengers, the ride-sharing service is drawing a drunken line in the sand by saying that they will refuse service if a potential passenger is too drunk.

An algorithm employed by Uber's app will be able to tell when someone is inebriated.  The program will take into account the sloppiness of the users input on the app, walking speed, the time, the location of the request, and a few other factors to determine whether to warn the driver, match the passenger with a rider who has the appropriate training, or deny the ride altogether.

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