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Here's what we know for sure. A lot of alcohol is consumed in Louisiana. I can also attest to the generality that people from Louisiana are talented (??) when it comes to drinking. I happen to have had first-hand experience with this. After all, what other state comes up with signature drinks so lethal they name them after things that can really kill them like hand grenades and hurricanes? We're a state that tends to celebrate debauchery, at least more openly, than they do elsewhere. Mardi Gras, hello?

Over the last 18 months, I've seen reports that the coronavirus pandemic caused people to drink more because they were alone at home, stressed out, or just plain bored. On the flip side, I've seen studies that people, on the whole, feel like they're healthier following the pandemic because they've been skipping happy hour with their co-workers.

All that aside, this is something else we know for sure. Detox.net surveyed 3,000 drinkers and found that alcohol tolerance has gone up 43% since the beginning of the pandemic in Louisiana. And when we're drinking, we're drinking to get drunk. We know that because 32% of respondents self-reported not alternating between beverages with and without alcohol.

In short, we can say with certainty that alcohol consumption increased, dramatically, in Louisiana since the beginning of the pandemic. An increased tolerance level of 43% is crazy... and as I'm sure you know, the higher your tolerance, the more one has to imbibe to create the same effect. Now we know why liquor stores were considered 'essential' in Louisiana.


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