They are one of the most successful and iconic bands of the modern classic rock era. But how well do you know the story of Motley Crue's early days?

Seems it all began with someone who fit the bill perfectly for a help-wanted ad seeking a "loud, rude and aggressive" new member. Or was it after a liquor-store argument between Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx? Then there's Vince Neil, who initially showed little interest in jamming with Sixx, Mars and Tommy Lee -- before an unfortunate career mishap changed things forever.

From there, things moved quickly. In fact, a familiar Motley Crue song was created from their very first sessions together as a foursome. All they needed was a name. Ever wondered where the umlauts came from? Well, it involves one "kinda special" night of drinking.

Explore all of these early Motley Crue stories, and more, on this latest installment of You Think You Know Classic Rock?

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