Recently I wrote a blog about the invasion of the cell phone zombies and how they're endangering the lives of themselves and others.  Well, the virus has now claimed a victim on the Louisiana Lafayette football team.

Fifth-year senior running back Darius Hoggins was injured last week and may not be back until next month, which means he could miss the season opener on September 2nd.  Hoggins wasn't injured during football practice where he has been working with the first team.  Head Coach Mark Hudspeth called Hoggins' injury "non-football-related".

But after some investigation on our part, we've discovered that Hoggins was afflicted by the cell phone zombie virus.  He was injured while texting and walking. Hoggins fell and in the process broke his jaw and knocked out some teeth.

The cell phone zombie virus turns sensible people into mindless creatures who are oblivious to everything around them.  They exist only to get another hit of dopamine from the next text, Facebook post, or email.  They endanger themselves and others when they text and drive, or text and walk.

The cell phone zombie virus is real.  Just ask Darius Hoggins.


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