Youtube seems to have over-corrected into dangerous territory.

For the last few years, hate speech has burned out of control across the social media video platform like it's dry timber. Nazi sympathizers, racists, religious extremists, and others have used the service to spread their hate across every corner of the internet. Which caused advertisers to flee after starting to really open up their checkbooks.

To fix this, Youtube started to create lists of types of content that advertising wouldn't be allowed on, therefore making it so the creators couldn't make money on it. There were some individual users who were caught up in this initial sweeps unjustly, and some were able to start viral campaigns to get Youtube to reconsider.

But now Youtube has attacked entire swaths of content, including professional wrestling.

There really hasn't been a specific reason why wrestling has been singled out, but it isn't limited to any singular promotion. Small promotions all the way to WWE are being impacted. The industry will continue to push back on this, but they're looking for your help. They don't want this to become a situation where just WWE gets the ban lifter, but that they all do.

If you think that it's reaching too far for Youtube to call wrestling "hate speech", you can sign this petition:


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