I was pretty excited to see Fuel in the lineup for this year's Smith & Forge Festapalooza -- with Brett Scallions back as the frontman no less. Since I've never had the chance to see Fuel live before, I talked to some friends to see which five songs they absolutely could not go without hearing during this show.

We're getting geared up for the Smith & Forge Festapalooza II, coming up Sept. 20, 2014 in downtown Shreveport's Festival Plaza. Eight bands in one day? Yeah, we're doing it!

  • 1

    (Hemorrhage) in My Hands

    This tune, from the band's 2000 album "Something Like Human," is a staple for any show. Also a must-sing at karaoke.

  • 2

    Bad Day

    Definitely the anthem for any girl who's ever had "one of those days." We can't live without this one!

  • 3

    Last Time

    According to Wikipedia (and we know it's not always totally accurate), this is generally the opening tune at a Fuel show. Will it be HERE? We'll just have to see! Definitely one of my favorites.

  • 4


    What can I say about this one...it's just great! I've heard many a local band play this as a cover. Check out the live VH1 video below.

  • 5

    Falls on Me

    The most-memorable tune from the band's 2003 album "Natural Selection." Surely they have to play this one! Yeah, it's a slow one, but we love it anyway.