Welcome to the 99X - Phoenix Underground Freak Show! Earlier this month we asked you to submit photos of yourself in your best Halloween costume - be it scary, funny, sexy or freaky! And we received some great photos. We put the best-of-the-best here on the website for you to vote on. And you voted! And voted! Hundreds if not thousands of votes rolled in, and our 99X costume judges made good use of your votes when choosing the winner (s):

  • 1

    Zombie Prom Queen

    Jessica O'Donnel and her Zombie Prom Queen (complete with zombie baby) was a unanimous First Place with our judges, rating a '10+' on the disgusting scale! Jessica scores $200 in cash, hotel accommodations in New Orleans, and a pair of 3-day passes to the Voodoo Music Experience in NOLA this weekend - featuring Soundgarden, Blink 182, The Raconteurs and more! Congratulations, Jessica!

  • 2


    This was a tough one. Probably the best representation of a famous movie character we've seen. Pinhead might have won the Grand Prize, but the judges all agreed that we'd seen this one many times before, so Pinhead dropped to 2nd Place. Not a bad place to be, as Jason Martinez of Shreveport scores $150 and a pair of 3-day passes to Voodoo for his Pinhead submission!

  • 3

    Jason Voorhees

    Brandon Perot of Bossier City came through with another great movie "monster" - Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th fame. Brandon put his own little spin on the character, and his efforts put $50 in his wallet, and a pair of 3-day passes to Voodoo in his hands!