Summer time has come once again (prematurely), which means it's time to hit the road and get the hell out of town for a nice little trip to summer where that doesn't feel like Satan's asshole. So, where could you go? What could you possibly do? Well, there are tons of summer concerts/festivals going on, so why not enjoy them? Here are the list of some must hit shows going on this summer!


Here are some of the great musical events you can travel to this summer. They key to all these concerts/festivals is to know your limit. Partaking in too much "fun time" of any sort, is a bad thing. High heat, cocaine and Jack Daniels is not a good combination. Not only could you land in the emergency room, but you could end up in jail which is not a good thing (unless you enjoy getting your colon examined by a 300 pound inmate named tiny).


Considered by many to be the cream of the crop as far as summer festivals go, this year's Bonnaroo features everyone from Radiohead to Puscifer to The Chili Peppers to Danzig to the Shins... Which means you and your girlfriend can both have a good time sans bitching because she doesn't appreciate your musical tastes.

The Cult

The Cult in Dallas at the House of Blues on June 20th...How can you say no?



If you miss Puscifer at Bonnaroo, you HAVE to go see them in Houston on June 27th. It's Maynard, come on!


rockstar mayhem festival

Now, if you're looking for some music on the harder side, it doesn't get much more demonic that the Mayhem Festival! Taking place at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas on July 10th, how can miss spending a day with the likes of Corey Taylor, Lemmy, Scott Ian, and Kerry King?

motley crue & kiss

And finally, we have the PEAK of live shows, Motley FUCKING Crue and Kiss at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas on August 4th! Two of the most legendary bands with amazing live shows! (and they actually play live...there is a novel f*cking idea). And they are going to be on the same stage? How can you pass that up?