It's a basic rule of common sense that you should NEVER try to perform surgery on yourself. But if that hasn't occurred to you, and you HAVE to do it . . . at least use tools that aren't just lying around the kitchen.



--On Sunday night in Glendale, California, a 63-year-old man decided to perform surgery on himself. (--His name wasn't released.)



--He tried to remove a hernia that was protruding from his stomach . . . using a BUTTER KNIFE.



--It went wrong . . . go figure . . . and his wife called the cops. When they got there they found him smoking a cigarette with the back end of the knife sticking out of his stomach.



--At one point, he pulled the knife out of himself . . . and shoved his cigarette butt into the open wound. That's when the cops decided to send him in for a psych evaluation. He's there now, and in stable condition from his self-surgery.



--And if this somehow inspires you to perform your own at-home surgery, according to a surgeon from a local hospital, quote, "It is absolutely impossible for someone to fix their own hernia."



(Los Angeles Times)