So, last night I went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the CenturyLink Center. It was a great show! TSO out did themselves, and it would have been a perfect night...if it weren't from some asshole at the back of the CLC (if you were at the show you know exactly what I'm talking about.) This is an open letter to that asshole. Dear Asshole,

You did all you could to ruin an awesome show. You, and only you, took it upon yourself to shout out while the narrator was telling the story. Yelling things like "you suck!" "do something!" and so on. Honestly, you were so far in the back of the arena I could hardly hear you.

I feel really bad for the people who were sitting nearby. I feel even worse for the people with you. That is assuming you actually have people that can stand you enough to be seen in public with you.

You would have continued your tirade if it weren't for some middle aged woman that screamed out for you to "SHUT UP!" I'm sure security would have booted you, and maybe they did, but for you to get put in your place by a chick was justice enough for me.

That would have been enough, but to make it even sweeter the entire arena CHEERED the lady for telling you to stuff it. I wish I could have been that woman, but I apparently don't have balls as big as she does.

You are that a-hole at the movies, in the restaurant, or other such public place that people just groan as they have to bear witness to your lack of consideration. But, know were put in your place in front of 2,000 plus people and they applauded when you were told to "shut up."

Do us all a favor and let this be a lesson you can learn from for your entire life.

Thank you and goodnight.