Ever wanted to know if you should quit your job? Marry that special girl? Run a rebel rebellion?

Now you can find out those answers...and MORE! Hell, pester the darkest sith of all time with any question you want to ask, just be careful he's not aiming the Death Star at your home planet when you do. It's all part of Fox's celebration of the Star Wars Blu-ray release, including a digital catalog where you can vote for the best Star Wars out of the entire six-movie saga.

You can head on over to http://vader.starwars.com and type away.


The more you type and ask, the more often you can "unlock" Special Moments with Vader cut scenes and some hidden suprises. So mark some time on your calendar to between force choking Death Star officers and killing people with your thoughts (or a tray if you so wished) and find your dark side. Perhaps we will finally know if Han shot first!