Let's be honest: video game unboxing videos are Kindergarten show-and-tell for nerds. With Call of Duty: Ghosts hitting store shelves on Nov. 5, it's that time of year when CoD commentators (and the folks who've scored a copy through more nefarious means) show off how really, really excited they are for Ghosts by filming themselves removing the shrink wrap from the game box and opening it on video. So exciting!

Considering there are CoD videos on YouTube that feature five minutes of someone else's gameplay so a commentator can talk about a new killstreak or the latest weapon camouflage DLCs, the fact that unboxing videos even exist shouldn't surprise anyone.

Of course, you could make the argument that any of these Ghosts unboxing videos are more exciting than developer Infinity Ward's. But really, they're all about as interesting as watching paint dry -- or a Call of Duty multiplayer menu screen.

Some people like to sing while they unbox their video games...

If you never learned how to remove shrink wrap, there's a video for that

Ghosts unboxing, Downton Abbey edition

Guy unboxes a Hardened edition of Ghosts and it's missing the game

Did she just unbox a PS3 version? Have fun playing with 50 people!

And let the Honeymoon period begin.