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Louisiana’s Reign As “Hollywood South” May Be Going South
The Louisiana Legislature's 2017 regular session opened yesterday in Baton Rouge with Governor Bel Edwards urging Democrats and Republicans to work together to fix the state's well-documented budget woes.
As a Democratic governor in a predominantly Republican state, that's like being a…
Viral Video Lady Freaks Out After Seeing PDA
We all have seen that couple showing to much PDA in public and been a little grossed out about it. No matter if it's at school or at a bar or at the mall we all pretty much have had the same thought, "Get a room"! But have you ever confronted the people involved...
Incredible Water Circus Coming To Shreveport
What do you get when you combine acrobatics, dance, contortion, high-performance BMX and roller-skating with water?  Cirque Italia!
This one-of-a-kind, animal-free, Las Vegas-style show is coming to the Louisiana Fair Grounds for 7 shows May 4th through 7th...

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