Finally, the Proper Way To Use A Drone! [VIDEO]
I'm still not sold on Drones. Yeah, they are kind of cool, but I haven't really seen them used for anything cool. But, thanks to some drunk idiots, we finally see a drone put to good use! Now, I can't legally advocate the way these fools are using the drone...
What Did Our Office Do For Halloween? [VIDEO]
Halloween at TSM ShreveportHappy Halloween from our crew to yours!
Posted by K945 on Friday, October 30, 2015
It's true, we don't do real work around here.
We got together with all of our co-workers today for a little Halloween video competition. Our...
Sneaky Ninja Fails [VIDEO]
We've all seen countless "fail" videos on the internet. Whoever made this deserves a medal for funny.

They've taken a big fail compilation, and added in a ninja. A sneaky ninja.
Are Women More Brutal Then Men? Video Evidence Says…
Are women more brutal and ruthless than men in the dating world? Me, I tend to say yes. Mostly because I have a long standing history of being destroyed by women. But, is that the norm through out the dating world?
Well, according to a video posted by the fine folks at Whatever, they broke down the d…

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