99X Beaches Boscobel Broadcast – Day 2
Our first excursion during our stay at the Beaches Boscobel Luxury Included Resort and Golf Club was a catamaran cruise on the beautiful and exciting oceans after a morning full of "liquid sunshine."
The highlight of the cruise was lying on the "trampoline" on the front, a series …
99x Featured Artist
I decided that starting every Friday, I'll post a band that we either play on 99x or just kicks ass in general. This week's featured artist is a band called Evans Blue.
My Brief Encounter With Gerrard Butler
Yesterday, I was driving down the Bossier Parkway and I stopped at the light where you can turn onto McDade Street. As I was sitting there, I saw a crazy blue colored Lamborghini pull up next to me.
5 Reasons Scre4m Will Suck [VIDEO]
We've all seen some iteration of the Scream franchise of movies.  And I know that Wes Craven is an über genius when it comes to scary movies...but I've got 5 reasons this horror dog just don't hunt.
Gabe’s Top List of the Day
Plastic surgery procedures were up last year. If you're thinking about gettin' some work done, I hope you don't recognize anything from this list of the Top Signs You Picked The Wrong Plastic Surgeon.
A New Sound For Your Ears…
I don't know about you guys, but I'm always in the mood for a new sound to listen to. Well I have the perfect recommendation for you. Dropkick Murphy's will be dropping a new album on March 1, 2011. The album title is "Going Out in Style", I have …
True Grit = Hella-awesome
If you haven's seen True Grit yet then you need to or God will be angry. That movie was one of the best remakes and best westerns I've seen for some time. Granted, most of the older generation were not in favor of it because it wasn't "The Duke" but they weren't…

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