Back in June, we here at 99X celebrated our 20th Birthday. And over the past two decades, no band and no one person has been as good of a friend to the station as Kevin Martin and Candlebox. They've performed at some of the biggest and best shows in our station's history. And we are proud to have Kevin Martin be a part of this year's Smith & Forge Festapalooza II going down in Festival Plaza on September 20th.

Now, one question we've been hearing a lot is, 'Well...this isn't Candlebox, what the hell is Kevin going to be performing?' This is a really good question. If you're a fan of Kevin, whether it be Candlebox, the Gracious Few or the Hi-Watts, this is a very unique opportunity. Because, to my knowledge, this is only the second or third show Kevin Martin has performed with this group of musicians.

Kevin's band consists of former and current members of Candlebox, the Hi-Watts, and Pearl Jam's Original Drummer Dave Krusen. The band itself performs everything from the Kevin Martin songbook. They'll be banging out all your favorite Candlebox tunes, a few tracks from the Gracious Few and the Hi-Watts and supposedly allegedly, will even knock out a couple tracks from PJ.

So, yeah, this is an opportunity that you don't get every day, every year or every decade! And we could all use a little Hi-Watts in our life from time to time.