We've received plenty of questions about Festapalooza, from the weird ('Can I bring my pet goat?') to the mundane, yet important ('Will there be beer?'). But one question close to my heart (which is right beneath my ample bosom) is: how should I dress for Festapalooza?

Here's some fashion advice for Shreveport-Bossier rocker chicks who want to look good and flaunt it at the show. It's five things you ladies should wear to Festapalooza.

  • 1

    A T-Shirt (Bra Optional)

    Let's be frank: even in September, Shreveport can be hotter than balls. So, you definitely don't want to wear anything heavy. A plain, white t-shirt or wife beater is always a safe choice.

  • 2

    Comfortable Shoes (Read: No Heels!)

    If you wear heels to Festapalooza, you're begging for pain. You'll be on your feet for hours watching Sevendust, Filter, Pop Evil and the rest of the amazing lineup melt faces, so keeping your feet comfortable should be a priority. Plus, it's a rock show, not fashion week.

  • 3

    Short Shorts

    We girls love short shorts because they're comfortable. Guys love them because they put our hot asses on display. We're aiming for the former here, but expect the latter.

  • 4

    Colorful Panties

    You never know who you could meet at Festapalooza. We're not promising the love of your life, but with the amount of testosterone that will be flowing you could end up hooking up. So, the old bar night rule applies: wear colored panties just in case.

  • 5

    A #99XFestapalooza Hashtag

    No Festapalooza outfit is complete without the hashtag #99XFestapalooza written somewhere on your body. I plan on writing it on my cleavage, but if you're a prude and want to put it on your arm, that's fine. Completely boring, but fine.