Local favorites and New Orleans natives Cowboy Mouth just released their new album 'GO!' on June 10. There are a lot of great tracks on the album, but one track is very personal to drummer and lead singer Fred LeBlanc.

On a post on the Cowboy Mouth Facebook page, Fred discusses the personal nature of the track 'Where's The Rain?' Fred wrote the song about the passing of his father and the emotions he felt afterwards.

A few weeks after he passed, I was up one morning at sunrise before everyone else in the house. I had a few rare minutes to myself to really appreciate how beautiful the morning was … and then it hit me; my father was gone,' Leblanc said. 'And life just … went on. Just like it did after my mom passed 10 years earlier, leaving many issues between us unresolved and sending me into a crippling depression that took me a long time to get past.'

'Why didn't the sun feel exactly like I did and collapse upon itself?
Why?' Leblanc continued. 'Because my dad was sitting there with me, also enjoying the sunset, and helping me in that instant to find this beautiful song that was way beyond my abilities. Helping me to express my loss. And helping me to realize that once again, life always goes on …'

Check out the touching tribute to Fred's dad 'Where's The Rain?' below.