When it comes to pimping a cause, the logical spokesperson is a Hollywood star. Everyone knows who they are, and because of their celebrity, they appear credible. And because of their acting skills, they usually come across as knowledgeable about the cause/subject they're supporting.

But are they really credible? DO they have a clue what they're actually talking about? Well, in the case of the recent media hot-button, gun control, Hollywood’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. While multi-million dollar movie stars cash in on shoot ‘em up thrillers and cop dramas, they openly move to restrict gun ownership in this country. WTF?!?!? When a fortune is made on the portrayal of guns on the silver and small screen and that cash turns into donations to the anti-gun lobby, it should make every Second Amendment supporter think: Where is my money really going?

Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Bacon, Mark Wahlberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Fox, Amanda Peet, and many others are quick to step in front of a TV camera and spout gun-control rhetoric...and just as quick to take fat paychecks for killings dozens, shooting up villages and cities, and blowing up miles up countryside.

I wonder how many of these these hypocritical hacks would back up their rants by returning the millions they made from their firepower loaded flix? Or donate it all to charity? If they won't practice what they preach, maybe it's time that hunters, sportsmen, and people who just enjoy popping a few rounds at the range start researching action movie/TV stars, and voting for them at the box office by taking a pass on their next guns 'n ammo fueled big-screen extravaganza. Maybe that would get Sylvester "Bullet to the Head" Stallone's attention.

Just to give you some idea of where some of your favorite stars stand on the gc issue:

And where they really stand - when it comes to filling their bank accounts:

How do you feel about the gun-control issue? Let us know: