Trepid was one of the first bands I met when I started doing the Homegrown show. Since then, I've probably had the group in the studio more than any other band I've interviewed. The t-shirt I'm wearing today is one of two that I own. Why did I choose this one? Because it features the title of the band's latest CD "..And They Call It Revolution." 

I mentioned in a previous post (when I wore my Super Water Sympathy t-shirt to work) that I'm picky about female vocalists...and Lana is one of my favorite locals! (Would you believe she started out as a country singer?) And Brian, David and Larry are awesome guys...very funny and entertaining.  I have to give Lana a lot of credit, too, for primping me up before the Aimless/Trepid/Forever Falls show at the Warehouse earlier this month. Evidently, she's got a lot of experience with beauty pageants. Now...if she could just make those GUYS prettier...haha! Kidding! (I know I'm gonna hear about this later.) 

Look up Trepid on Facebook to find out where they're playing next...and while you're at it, go ahead and add "Henry Gote," their goat "mascot" as a friend, too. HA!