Who says fishing is relaxing? A Louisiana angler reeled in the big one earlier last week, snagging himself a record breaking 305-pound Warsaw grouper. There is speculation this catch is the fifth largest of its kind in state history.

According to Louisiana Sportsman, Simon Guidry hooked a 6’ 10” fish after a 45-minute struggle that took place about 80 miles off the state’s coast. "I felt like I was in a wrestling match,” he said. "It felt like he was on the bottom the whole way."

The big fish, which was caught during the Fourchon Oilman’s Fishing Tournament, was lured by dragging the bottom with bull croaker bait. “I wasn’t on the bottom for maybe five minutes and I started getting a tug,” he said. “When I started reeling, I fought for about 15 to 20 minutes and my arms were getting numb and I was sweating. I was trying to straighten up.”

So, what did Guidry do with his record-breaking catch? He ate it. “The fish is already filleted,” he said. “We fed a bunch of people with that fish.”

In 2008, a Warsaw grouper a few pounds heavier than Guidry’s was hooked in the same area – this one weighed in at nearly 360-pounds.

To see an actual photo of the 305-pound monstrosity click here