Shooting heroin while driving at top speed is not likely to end well, especially when the ride ends with you smashing into a police cruiser.

That’s exactly what police say a 32-year-old Louisiana man did earlier this week. According to reports, Ronald Caplina found it to be an inconvenience to pull over to the side of road before shooting heroin, so instead, he decided to do it while he was driving. The outcome of this idiotic move, of course, did not end well.

Police say an officer was pulled over along the shoulder of the road when a 2004 Lincoln LS came from out of nowhere and crashed into the rear end of his Chevy Tahoe. The officer reports that he noticed the man looking up seconds before the crash, but at that point, there was no way he could avoid the collision.

When investigators asked Caplina what is was that distracted him, he could not give them a clear answer. A search of his vehicle uncovered a bloody syringe and an amount of heroin. That’s when they determined that he was shooting heroin at the time he rear ended the officer.

Caplina received minor injuries because he was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash – probably because he was using it as a toniquet.