Rule #1: Never take a Sunday drive with more weed than you can discreetly eat during a routine traffic stop. Just ask 42-year-old Spencer Walker, who was pulled over on Monday by Louisiana police and caught trying to devour his stash when the cop approached the vehicle.

According to reports, a Baton Rouge patrol officer pulled Walker over early Monday morning for unknown reasons. As he walked towards the vehicle, the officer noticed the driver stuffing his face with an unknown substance. However, when the man rolled his window down, the officer reported smelling the odor of marijuana permeating from the car.

Interestingly, when the officer asked Walker for consent to search the vehicle, he could not reply because he was allegedly chewing a mouthful of weed. That was enough probable cause for the cop to initiate a search, where he discovered a pain pill and a few roaches.

Clearly, this was just an average marijuana user that simply bit off more than he could chew.