Sometimes, life goes in unplanned directions. When that happens, many of us turn to a spiritual advisor. Whether it be a priest, a minister, your favorite cult leader, or the Dalai Lama - it's always good to have someone that can help you get back on track.

That's all nice, but I think our Grand Imperial Leader (President just doesn't seem to do him justice) Barack Obama has the right idea. When the world is going crazy, who better to go to than someone who is more bats*** crazy than the world. At least I think that's why Obama calls Father Michael Louis Pfleger his spiritual advisor. That man is CRAAAAAAAZZZZYY!

That's why I put my problems in the late CHÖGYAM TRUNGPA's basket. As the eleventh incarnation of the Trungpa Tulku , the milk-fed sage was raised from his childhood to be the supreme abbot of the Surmang monasteries in eastern Tibet, and the innovator that developed the practice of “crazy wisdom”. If you're not familiar with the practice, you can always "google" it, or just take a look at this video.
This guy is just FULL of crazy wisdom. Well, he's full of something, anyway: